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Expedition Vehicle "tesomobil" overland travel by Toe-Experience®- Expeditions Vehicles / Expeditions-Mobil/ overlanding Erg-Chebi, Morocco

From decades of travel experience in various off the grid camper van and different overland truck Camper and profound experiences in the construction and production of independent and self sufficient expedition vehicles & expedition-trucks / expedition mobile homes, the idea has emerged to pass on my knowledge to other people who would like to approach the project world tour, long-term journey in the expedition mobile, or all-wheel drive truck as long overland travel is getting more and more interesting. Whether you are buying a travel vehicle that has come back from a journey on the secondary market, planning the production of such a mobile or to place a new overland expedition vehicle in order - it is always an underestimated effort that can take several years, if it is not planned properly. The market is getting bigger and more impenetrable. Which expedition vehicle/4WD expedition overland vehicle, expedition truck camper or 4x4 all-terrain-vehicle, dirt road vehicle is the right one? What should you pay attention to? More and more i am asked as a industry specialist to help with the search for the truck camper, or to renovate, restore or reconstruct already acquired expedition mobiles / travel-vehicles. Here i offer you my consultancy next to the chance to rent out an expedition truck before investing to find out your needs as well as my know-how as the subsequent installation of the finest glas windows by KCT. You can also purchase them privately from me and install them yourself. If you need help with the installation, or would you prefer to use my installation service, please do not hesitate to contact me. Further expedition equipment components will follow, which can be delivered comfortably to your home, or the location of your own vehicle. Many questions arise, which i gladly answer.

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Self Sufficient Expedition Vehicle by TOE-Experience® beside the gravel road/ Truck Camper Allrad-Expeditionsmobil / echte Weltreisefahrzeuge am Rand der Piste

Expeditions-mobil , reisemobil , allrad-reisemobil , truck-camper


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Expedition Vehicle at mano del desierto, Chile, South America / Expeditionsmobil overland travel

Allrad-Reisemobil auf Euro II Fahrgestell

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planung / beratung

Expeditions Vehicles Consulting,Planning,Building by Toe-Experience®

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Expedition Vehicle Conversion, Repairs, Parts, KCT®-Mobiler-Fenster-Einbau-Service-beim-Kunden

KCT-Fenster - Bezug und Einbau

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handel in expeditionsmobilen und deren ausstattungsgegenständen , kct®-händler , kct®-servicedienstleister

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Expedition Vehicle, Expeditionsmobile,Allrad-Fernreisemobile, echte Weltreisemobile, Beratung,Planung,Bau,Consulting,Service für echtes overland travellingby Toe-Experience®

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ultimate expedition vehicle "tesomobil" at the beach/ Dirt Road Expeditionsmobil Expeditionsfahrzeug Expeditionsmobil-Bau. Weltreisemobil Toe-Experience für weltreisefähige, weltreisetaugliche und höhentaugliche Fahrzeuge.