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Expedition Vehicle MAN - Limitless Off Road Adventure in 4WD Motorhome - Expedition-Truck - Travel Independently & Self-Determined to the most remote places on this earth

Traveling with an expedition vehicle, or even living in an expedition truck camper, means at the same time independent expedition travel / overland travel to any place of your imagination, in a safe&secure and self-sufficient expedition motor home. Total independence from campsites or motorhome rv pitches. Dusty slopes, secluded beaches, tranquility, silence - to be able to go everywhere and just enjoy nature. Or switch off and boondock at the local lake.


But, where does one spontaneously make such a four-wheeled motorhome to be able to move and travel in such a free and self-determined manner - and to be able to enjoy this journey? We offer you for various motivations our safe as well as proven expedition mobile for rent, a real off road truck camper for rent for your activities. Better to rent first, before you may have even sold and made a wrong decision. An expedition vehicle rental offers the opportunity to try before buying and the associated investment with this, without having made them. You may even think about renting one of these expedition vehicles even your dream and looking for an alternative. Who know ? A rented expedition vehicle after the rental period is returned in any case easier than the sale of your own Expedition Mobile Home designed.


Be the rental for a promotional event or trade fair - your company promotion to attract and maybe win new customers. Be it a longer tour to the places of your dreams that you have always wanted to travel, or is it just the test drive with a four-wheeled expedition vehicle, since you may even be thinking of commissioning one at the moment. Before investing, make sure what your dream feels like. We offer you the room and the mobile. Rent our all-wheel drive camper of a different kind and enjoy your tiny home on wheels, traveling around the world in your own home. Fully equipped and equipped with the ultimate in off-road features, we offer you the opportunity to get a bit closer to your dream of carefree travel in independent freedom, completely self-sufficient (off-grid) and off the grid. You do not need a campsite, just a beautiful beach, a field, a meadow - the landscape of your choice as a pitch for your off-road-ready Tiny-House-On-Wheels. Only that our world travel mobile drives a lot faster. Enjoy boondocking and wildcamping along your way and collect very special and unique travel experiences.


If questions arise during or after this adventure as a prospective Overlander, I am happy to advise you. For 25 years I have been dedicated as a overland expedition travel specialist to the subject of expedition mobile travel and vehicle construction as well as the topic overlanding and therefore have profound experience in these areas. Both manufacturers and travelers interested in traveling around the world regularly use my services. Be it buying advice and sourcing a suitable expedition vehicle, planning your world travel vehicle that meets your own requirements or even the construction of your empty base box, or even your entire Expedition Vehicle, completely according to your personal wishes. My experience allows me a good overview of an increasingly confusing growth market in expedition vehicles construction. Feel free to contact me at info@toe-experience.com and make an appointment.

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Trade Fair / Eye-Catcher for your promotion Event

eye-catcher for events

You are planning a short-term promotion event a limited marketing measure to yours.
Improve corporate perception or win new customers. You need an event vehicle or a demo truck?



With our Truck Camper Showtruck, you attract all people and increase your visibility.

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Expedition Truck to make your dream come true

adventure travel

You would like to travel in an expedition vehicle yourself and shy away from the high investment costs or do not have the time for a long-term trip in the expedition vehicle because of your job responsibilities?

We will find a way to enjoy your unforgettable overland travel adventure in a truck camper.

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Expedition truck rental / showtruck / travel / test drive / Expedition truck for hire
Expedition Vehicle for rent expedition vehicles renting "go out of office" goootravel expedition truck camper on the beach off-road rentals adventure truck camper for rent overland travel overlanding tesomobil self-sufficient travel vehicle offgrid
Expedition Vehicle / Expedition Truck Camper test drive

test drive

Before investing in your own four-wheel drive 4x4 off-road expedition vehicle, you'll want to try out what life feels like in an expedition vehicle or expedition truck camper .


Or you do not have a truck driver license to move a Truck Camper Van on public roads.

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"Echte Weltreisemobile Weltreisefahrzeuge Vermietung" / Self Sufficient Expedition Vehicle for rent/ Truck Camper Van rental for unlimited travel experience & overland travel
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Self Sufficiency & Reliability Expedition Vehicles - try & test or rent for test drive or your promotions / trade fair event/ or just enjoy living in our high class expedition mobile home. Built for rough road conditions & unlimited travel. The Showtruck.